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Create the foundation
to grow, connect, and heal:
“from bitter roots to big sky - the sky's the limit!"

Virtual and In-Person Hypnotherapy in Hamilton, Montana

Among many other issues,

Hypnotherapy Can Help With

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Public Speaking

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Weight Loss

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Destructive Habits

What My Clients Say

"Whitney is extremely diligent in her practice and her learnings! She has a huge heart and it shows in everything she does. She is very intuitive. This leads to effective, safe and a warm environment perfect for inducing real change. I highly recommend connecting with Whitney if you desire a safe, comfortable place to improve your life!"

Sarah M.


John U.

"Whitney is a compassionate and capable practitioner. She is sincere, very conscientious, and knowledgeable. She has an excellent sense for the real issue, versus what might look like the real issue but isn't. I would definitely recommend her to my good friends and family."

Fred D.

"Anything Ms. Hedman touches will flourish, shine and glow.
A natural-born empathy, kindness and humanity are just some of the qualities you can expect. "

Tamar H.

?When you think about self awareness and personal growth Ms. Hedman has the life experience and the credentials to make that a reality. "

Hypnosis Fact - Fiction - FAQ

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Facts - Hypnosis is:

1. A relaxed consent-state whereby the client is always in control and completely aware

2. A state in which the causes of many issues can be traced and resolved.

3. An effective modality in the treatment of anxiety, phobias, habits, pain, chronic disorders, past trauma.

Meet Whitney

Certified Hypnotherapist

Whitney Hedman has deep roots in the local community, the healthcare and human care industries. She grew up in Hamilton, where her parents were vital members of the downtown business community, and owners of the state’s oldest pharmacy. Her upbringing instilled the responsibility of caring for others, providing tools to heal and support, and maintain human connection.

Utilizing the safe and accessible modality of hypnosis, Whitney creates a safe and nonjudgmental space for the client to explore, make connections to self, and heal.


The state of hypnosis is focused relaxation in which the client is in complete control, and can access root causes for many troubling issues. Hypnotherapy can help resolve anxiety, phobias, pain, destructive habits, and many other issues.

"Life is not only what happens to us, but how we grow from the experience, finding meaning, joy, and self-acceptance."

Happy Whitney Hedman

Appointment Information

All appointments are scheduled by phone

You are a unique individual with unique needs - Together we will develop a personalized plan.
Call for your complimentary consultation!

Please click on Download Form below to download your intake form, fill it out, and return to me via email,
or bring it with you to your first appointment.  Or, click on the Online Form to fill out the client intake form online.
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Compassion is born of adversity, as is the quest for true human connection and the desire to be of service to others.

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